Our Board of Directors

The real engine that drives LLIR is the Board of Directors. The Board is made up of LLIR members and sets the focus and direction for LLIR, including the programming of courses. Board members also direct or sit on one or more committees.

From time to time, we require additional Board members. The specific needs vary depending on the openings that occur as Board members complete their terms. Any member who has completed one year of membership is eligible to be nominated to join the Board.

The time commitment is:

  • A three-year term with the potential to serve a second term.
  • Attend approximately nine two-hour meetings (September to May), usually held on the first Tuesday morning of each month.
  • Attend committee meetings (usually one to four annually).
  • Attend both classes on Fridays, mornings and afternoons, during the fall and winter terms.

Here is a list of current Board members.

Board Committees

The work of fulfilling the LLIR mandate happens at the committee level. Check to see if there are specific duties on a committee with which you could help.


  • Responsible for all communication with members and prospective members through mass emails, in-class announcements and the LLIR website
  • Oversee all LLIR software and its management, with the exception of the Registration System
  • Manage the Collaboration Model which defines who is responsible for the creation and sign-off of member communications
  • Maintain the LLIR Style Guide
  • Monitor the general info email account


  • Maintain all financial records
  • Manage receipts and disbursements
  • Report financial updates to Executive Committee, Board & AGM
  • Establish the annual budget and recommend membership fees
  • Manage LLIR insurance coverage and investments
  • Manage the annual audit function


  • Review and propose amendments to the By-Law, as required
  • Review annually the Directors’ Manual, position descriptions, function descriptions as well as key policies and procedures, updating as required
  • Oversee resolution of member complaints


  • Manage and administer LLIR membership policies and recommend new policies to the Board as required
  • Review communication going to the membership
  • Coordinate New Members’ Welcome Event
  • Monitor the membership email account


  • Responsible for succession planning for the Board of Directors
  • Identify skill sets required
  • Recruit and vet interested volunteers
  • Establish a slate of candidates for approval by the Board and election at the AGM
  • Monitor the nominating email account


  • Plan and develop a balanced program of course offerings, taking into account a number of criteria and feedback from members
  • Prepare a comprehensive proposal of courses by term to be approved by the Board
  • Source and evaluate Course Directors
  • Hire Course Directors, coordinate the signing of their agreements and ensure their requirements are met before courses begin
  • Train course chairs in advance of each semester
  • Monitor course delivery during the term and resolve any issues
  • Prepare course surveys each term and summarize the findings to the Board
  • Monitor the program email account


  • Maintain membership database and the LLIR waitlist
  • Administer the annual registration process and assign members to courses
  • Oversee workshops to help members register online
  • Prepare name tags
  • Prepare reports
  • Direct the IT contractor
  • Maintain records of LLIR IT assets (hardware & software) and recommend upgrades as required

Strategic Planning

  • Conduct member surveys for input to strategic plan development
  • Stay abreast of future developments in Third Age Learning
  • Stay abreast of government policies that could impact LLIR
  • Recommend changes to policies and procedures pertaining to the future direction of LLIR


  • Recruit and recommend volunteers for the classroom, committee chairs, Nominations Committee and special events
  • Maintain a database of volunteer interests and experience
  • Support training initiatives
  • Promote the importance of volunteering
  • Recognize and thank volunteers
  • Monitor the volunteer email account

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Chair.

Here is a list of our current committee members.