Use this Template for a Course with Two Directors

  • Adjust the text under the heading Term and Time as required.
  • Copy (Ctrl-C) everything starting with the heading Course Description to the end of this page.
    When the message Copied 13 (or 14) blocks to the Clipboard appears on the lower left of your screen, the copy is complete.
    (The 14th block is the empty paragraph at the end of the file.)
  • Return to the dashboard and create a new page for the new course description with title: Course — Course Title
  • Copy (Ctrl-V) the content into the new page, below the page title.
  • In the row layout, insert the name, brief bio and a photo of each instructor.
  • The three sections in the row layout are for:
  • First instructor name and brief | instructor photos | Second Instructor name and brief
  • The photos must be advanced images stored in the Media Library.
  • To the right of the editing panel, open the General properties for each image.
    Try different setting for Image file size and choose the best fit.
  • Insert the names of the Course Directors between the photos and adjust spacing.
    The goal is for the director bios and images to fill the gap between the headings Course Director and Term and Time.
    You can also adjust the widths of the sections in the row layout to help spacing.
  • In the main editing panel, replace all placeholder text with the text specific to the course.
  • When you finish editing, Update, Preview the page and Publish.
  • Look at the resulting page in on a smartphone and, if necessary, adjust spacing.

Course Description

Insert course description here.

Course Directors

Brief description of course first course director

Replace the LLIR logos with photos the Course Directors and list their names here.

Brief description of second course director

Term and Time

Fall 2024 – starting September 13
9:50 am on Friday morning or 12:50 pm on Friday afternoon
Room TBA in York Hall

Course Outline

Two weeks before the course starts, you can download a printable PDF giving the 10-week detailed course outline.

NOTE: The course outline opens in a new browser tab where you cannot see the LLIR page header and menu. You can download the outline for future reading and printing. When you are finished, return to our website as follows:
— On a large screen, click the X on the right side of the browser tab to close it.
— On a smartphone, click the back button displayed as a back arrowhead ( < ) .

Lecture Notes

Links to resources such as additional reading or play lists are provided here as the Course Director makes them available during term. Like the course outline, lecture notes open in a new browser tab so that you can download and print them.

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