Course Description

The Canadian Study of Health and Aging tells us that every year 225,000 Canadians turn 65; reality tells us that approximately 50% of these will need some form of long term care after age 75. The problem is, however, that too few of us can answer the following care questions: If something were to happen to me, who would take care of me? How would I pay for that care? What does the government provide? Services and support are available – but where are they? How much are they? The vast majority of us want to age with dignity and control, but this takes long term care planning, and this planning— which involves more than just money—needs to be a part of every financial and/or retirement plan written today. Too much doom and gloom? Not in this course! Karen’s been through it all and shares her long term care experiences with humour and honesty. In this eye-opening course you will navigate the realities of long term care and learn why it’s ‘the elephant in the room.’  You’ll also learn the right questions to ask, and where to find the answers— and you will leave with practical solutions and peace of mind.

Course Director

Karen Henderson
As the result of a challenging 14 – year dementia care experience, Karen Henderson founded the Long-Term Care Planning Network, Canada’s leading on and off-line resource centre for aging and long-term care. Her seminar series, web sites, newsletters, TV/video series and Long-Term Care Planner are internationally recognized as key aging and long term care educational and resource tools.

Karen is now a well-known educator, speaker, writer, media commentator, publisher and consultant in the field of long- term care. She has been published in leading geriatric journals in Canada and has spoken across Canada and in the U.S. to a wide variety of organizations from hospitals to law firms. Karen has been featured frequently on television and radio and has written many articles about her personal long term care experience.

Picture of Karen Henderson

Karen Henderson

Term and Time

Winter 2025 – starting January
9:50 am on Friday morning
Room TBA in York Hall

Course Outline

Two weeks before the course starts, you can download a printable PDF giving the 10-week detailed course outline.

NOTE: The course outline opens in a new browser tab where you cannot see the LLIR page header and menu. You can download the outline for future reading and printing. When you are finished, return to our website as follows:
— On a large screen, click the X on the right side of the browser tab to close it.
— On a smartphone, click the back button displayed as a back arrowhead ( < ) .

Lecture Notes

Links to resources such as additional reading or play lists are provided here as the Course Director makes them available during term. Like the course outline, lecture notes open in a new browser tab so that you can download and print them.

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