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They are some of the most storied ancient sites in the world. The greatest wonders of man. The magnificent buildings, pyramids and monuments of the ancient Egyptians never fail to mesmerize. Why and how were they built? Who were these kings, nobles, and commoners who lived and worshipped here – and travelled to the afterlife within these hallowed spaces? What do the brilliant painted reliefs, majestic pillars and architectural plans really mean? Come take an enriched learning journey up the Nile with Egyptologist Laura Ranieri Roy and explore the secrets of this great civilization that continue to make Egypt a land of endless fascination.

Course Director

Laura Ranieri-Roy
Laura Ranieri Roy is an Egyptologist (MA, University of Toronto, 2016), writer and the founder-director of Ancient Egypt Alive. She has excavated in Egypt at the site of Amarna and South Asasif, and at a classical Greek site in Bulgaria. As an educator, she has taught at TMU’s (formerly Ryerson) Life Institute, LLIR at Glendon, LLL *Innis and presented extensively on ancient Egypt at museums, symposiums and societies across North America – and online. An in-demand speaker and presenter, she recently delivered a very popular 2023 TEDX talk on Ancient Egypt legacy. Laura is also a professional writer and storyteller and she creates and personally guides history-focused, in-depth tours to Egypt each year.

Laura Ranieri-Roy

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