Course Description

Stephen Spielberg has had a bigger impact on contemporary filmmaking than arguably any other living director and yet his work remains the subject of heated debate. Is he an artist or merely a prodigiously talented entertainer? Throughout this course by studying his singular approach to lighting, composition, camera movement, editing and directing actors, you will gain a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process and how his techniques make for more compelling stories. We’ll look at eight key works, films from Jaws and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to Munich and Bridge of Spies, that illustrate his evolution from wunderkind showman and inventor of the modern blockbuster to popular artist, seeking to examine his own experiences more nakedly.

Course Director

Joe Frankel
Joe Frankel has worked as a writer, director and producer, in Toronto, New York and LA, for companies ranging from Cineplex Entertainment to Universal Studios. His credits include a limited series based on The Phantom comics and Steve Guttenberg: Frenchman, a new animated comedy that is under development in Hollywood. In 2019 Joe founded the Imaginary Courtyard content agency and IC Movieology, an online film school that offers courses in film studies and smartphone filmmaking. Joe is an alumnus of the MFA Screenwriting program at USC, the BFA Film & Video Production program at York University and the co-founder of the Zoom Film Festival a showcase of international student films that just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Picture of Joe Frankel

Joe Frankel

Term and Time

Fall 2024 – starting September 13
12:50 pm on Friday afternoon
Room 204 in York Hall

Course Outline

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Lecture Notes

Links to resources such as additional reading or play lists are provided here as the Course Director makes them available during term. Like the course outline, lecture notes open in a new browser tab so that you can download and print them.

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