If you are not familiar with them, read the introduction to menus in this website. This page describes changing the structure and content of the menus.
To change where the appearance of a menu (its location within a header and styles like fonts and colours), modify the header in which the menu appears. See also the introduction to headers in this website, and How to Modify a Header.

Before You Make Any Changes

Make sure you select the right menu to work on. The first items in the Public Menu and Member Menu look similar enough to open the wrong one by mistake.

  1. From the Dashboard, select first Appearance and then Menus. The category name “Appearance” is misleading for menus.
  2. The Menus panel opens to the Edit Menus tab similar to the image below, but shows the last menu that was edited.
  3. Use the dropdown to choose either Public Menu or Member Menu and then click Select.
  4. Make sure the name of the menu you want to work on appears under the heading Menu structure.
The Menu Panel of the WordPress dashboard
The words in brackets in the dropdown are the location of this menu in the header.
Notes and Warnings
  • A page must exist before you add it to menu. Each menuitem is is a link to the page you select when you add a page to the menu.
    If you delete a page that to which a menuitem links, that menu no longer displays correctly.
  • The label on each menuitem is the page title by default but you can easily change the label.
  • One page may appear on more than one menu and more than one menuitem can link to the same page.
  • When a menu has submenus, you can turn off the link on the upper-level menuitem as described under Creating Nested Menus.

Two approaches to designing a menu so that it appears to link to different pages at different times are:

  1. Build the menu to include all pages involved.
    Manually hide or display the menuitems for selected pages at the time when want the associated pages to disappear or reappear.
  2. If the desired effect is to link to a page on which some content is always visible and and other content appears only under circumstances that you can specify in advance, use conditional elements.

For the changes you make Menus panel take effect, you must click the Save Menu button on the bottom of the Menus panel.


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