This page is a list of online tutorial that you can follow for a introduction to using the WordPress editor and the Kadence theme.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Kadence is a two-hour YouTube video that gives a introduction to WordPress and and deep dive into selected more advanced Kadence features. For most benefit, take it after you have a basic familiarity with the Guttenberg editor. Ideally, follow along using a trial website that you can play with and then discard. Much of the first half deals with customizing the theme, a task that is largely complete for LLIR website. Nevertheless, seeing how the customizer and works is worthwhile.
  • WordPress provides excellent resources for WordPress developers.
  • You can look up almost any topic related to the page editor or Kadence blocks in the The Kadence Help Center.
  • The LLIR website relies heavily on conditional headers, a Kadence Pro feature. The Kadence website maintains a blog to which a user has added a video tutorial on creating conditional headers.