The Developer Notes are divided into the webpages listed below. Like this page, each page opens in new browser tab so you can keep a page open for reference while you are working in WordPress. In general, closing each tab as you finish with it is a good practice, but you may want to keep this tab open to serve as the menu for the rest of notes.

Table of Contents

These pages are crudely divided into categories for different kinds of readers. There is much overlap and many pages opt to keep a topic together rather than write for a specific audience. If you are interested only in high-level design, just skim or skip the implementation details.

High-Level Design

Guides for Content Authors, Reviewers and Testers

Training for New Web Masters

Accessing these Developer Notes

All members of LLIR can open these notes if they know the Universal Resource Locator (URL) or web address of this page. You can give the URL to appropriate members such as the Board and volunteers working on the website. They can then open the notes by:
___1. Logging into the website
___2. Typing the URL into the browser location bar.

For the convenience of website administrators, a link to these notes is in a brown bar that appears above the footer on the Member Home page when an administrator is logged and is using a desktop or laptop computer. The link never appears on mobile devices. The mechanism that controls when the link to these notes appears is a conditional element with name Developer Notes.