If you lose an item please talk to the course Chair or Co-Chair as soon as possible. Items turned in or found during a check of rows after class are stored temporarily in the LLIR cupboard and eventually handed over to Glendon Lost & Found if not claimed. We will try to identify and track down the owners on anything valuable right away. For more information, read Lost & Found at Glendon.

Click on Login. If you have forgotten your password, click on “I forgot my password” and then enter your email address in the box in the window that appears. You are sent a link to create a new password via email. For more information, refer to Login Help.

You must be logged in to change your personal information. Go to My Profile and use the drop-down menu to select first Update My Info and then what you want to update. You can also see your course assignments and selected volunteer options for the upcoming terms under My Profile but you cannot edit them.

All classes are held at the Centre of Excellence (York Hall) at Glendon College, a campus of York University. The campus address is 2275 Bayview Avenue, at the end of Lawrence Avenue. This map of campus will show you.

When classes are cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, a Bulletin will be posted on the public homepage as well as the Member homepage of this website by 7:00 am Friday. The public homepage appears when you first open the website and the Member homepage opens when you log in. Selecting Home in the website menu will return you to the respective homepage.

Masking is required currently in the classroom but you are free to unmask in the corridors or cafeteria. The Board regularly reviews current public health recommendations to keep our members safe and will amend the health protocol as appropriate.

LLIR members can access free WIFI via AirYorkGUEST; however it is not secure. Also, the service is poor on the lower level of York Hall.