All LLIR courses are offered at the Glendon Campus of York University at 2275 Bayview Avenue. It is located at the intersection of Bayview and Lawrence Avenues, as shown in this interactive Google map. For an aerial street view, click the square in the lower left corner of the map.

Public Transportation

The TTC has stops on Lawrence Avenue East, near the entrance gates to Glendon, which are on the east side of Bayview. There are more details in Hints and Tips about TTC access and Parking.


Parking is limited on the Glendon campus (see the detailed map below) and costs $1.75 per half-hour. All lots include accessible spots but you need to arrive early to get a spot in the top parking lot. You can only pay by credit or debit card or you can use the Honk app on your phone. For full instructions read Parking at Glendon.

Many members park nearby on Lawrence Avenue or local side streets. Off-campus parking has restrictions so please pay attention to the signs.

Detailed Map of Glendon Campus

Glendon Campus has a delightful park-like setting on the edge of the Don Valley ravine.

Buildings are coloured red in the detailed map. The Centre of Excellence, York Hall, where we meet, is indicated by the arrow pointing to Rooms A100 & A002, near the main entrance.

Parking lots are coloured grey. Two upper lots (Lot A and B) are near the buildings but you must arrive early to find a spot, even an accessible spot. The two lower lots (Lot F and G) are down in the ravine. They can be reached by taking the one-way-down road on the left of the main entrance. That road winds through the woods and across the river. Alternatively the lower lots can be accessed from the east end on Lawrence Avenue East, coming from Leslie Street. To return up the hill to attend your class is a pleasant walk but it includes a staircase of over 100 steps. (Pedestrian traffic is not allowed on the road.) At the top of the steps, head west (turn right) up the rear driveway and proceed to the main entrance.