Found Items

Items found while at Glendon classes should be turned over to your Course Chair or Co-Chair, along with any comments about where you found the article. If the article is found early in the day, or early in the afternoon, the Course Chair may make a brief class announcement (general description) at the start, after the break, or at close of class. Hopefully the item will be claimed, following appropriate ownership identification and confirmation.

Unclaimed items are usually placed in our own LLIR closet until the following week. However, if the reported found item is of significant value or purpose, such as bank, credit or id cards, licenses, prescriptions, wallets, purses, passports, etc., immediate attempts will be started to contact the possible owner using LLIR member contact information; based on any details on the article, such as name, address, phone number, etc. 

For other valuable items, such as jewelry, eyeglasses, cell phones, laptops, watches, carry cases, and clothing (scarves, gloves, sweaters, umbrellas, hats, etc.) where no identifying ownership may be clear or inferred; they will be noted and held in our LLIR closet until the end of the following week. They will then be turned over to the Glendon Lost & Found Security Office.

Lost Items

Lost articles should be reported to the Course Chair as soon as the loss is noted, along with a brief description of the item, plus appropriate identifying information. If the loss of the article is not recognized until after the close of classes and LLIR departure, and you are in immediate or urgent need of the item for personal or security purposes (see above re found significant value items), you should contact LLIR at or Glendon Security (Lost & Found), as noted below.


It should be noted that Glendon Security does not retain personal items such as clothing or related personal use or wearable items (e.g., hats, scarves, sweaters, jackets, etc.) beyond 30 days. Valuable items such as phones, laptops, jewelry, etc. are kept for 90 days. Glendon Security will also attempt to identify lost article’s owners and notify them.

Glendon Security – Lost & Found is located on the campus in the small white Security/Parking admin building, just to the south and east of the main parking lot, along the campus roadway. Suitable descriptions and identification of lost items will be required for release. Regular office hours are 9 am to 4 pm, closed 12 – 1. The Lost & Found phone number is 416-650-8000 (this number is 24/7 but please call ahead to confirm someone is in the office, or to make enquiries.)

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